March 17, 2020

No big changes today: Most everything at RTC remains the same as it was yesterday.  We are maintaining our operations while implementing social distancing practices and behaviors. We are actively winding up the winter quarter and developing new ways to do our work, and we keep planning for the start of Spring Quarter on April 13 while realizing that the swiftly moving situation may require even more adaptations. There are still a number of details to work out to in order to provide the best service to our students and employees.  I thank you for your patience as this complex process occurs. (One change today is that though the Café remains open for “to go” orders through Friday, we had to close the seating space due to the Governor’s orders).

I will continue to write updates on each of these last days of the quarter, but will reduce messaging after that to major new information every few days.

My thanks to everyone in the RTC community: You all have responded to these stressful times with grace, humility, flexibility, and concern for others, while often the unknown seems to outweigh things we can control. These have been a difficult few weeks, but we are reaching the end of the quarter with a focus on classes and work that help us look toward the future when the current crisis passes.  I am honored to work in such a community.