Revenue Management Specialist

Good healthcare is more than just providing medical services. It also the work behind the scenes that makes it possible. The Revenue Management Specialist program prepares students to support doctors and other healthcare professionals with much of the administrative tasks in their clinics, offices, insurance companies and other settings. Students will learn how schedule patients, compose and produce documents, transcribe medical reports, and manage medical and financial records.

Enrollment Point: Fall, Winter, Spring

Certificate of Completion: 
4 Quarters
63 Credits
Associate of Applied Science: 
AAS - Transfer: 
Bachelor of Applied Science: 

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Median Salary: 
Projected Growth: 
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Monday - Friday

8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (online option available)

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Donna L. Maher, Sheila May-Farley

Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of courses required for Health Care Navigator Certificate

Course Information

Course # Course Title Crs
AMATH 164V Introduction to Math Operations 3
COL 101 College Success 2
COMP 100 Applied Composition 5
MAP 101 Introduction to Medical Terminology  4
MAP 110 Beginning MS Office 4
MAP 112 Document Production 1
MAP 120 Customer Service and Human Relations in a Medical Setting 4
MAP 138 Coding 1 - Medical Coding Fundamentals 2
MAP 152 Coding 2 - Medical Coding ICD and CPT 4
MAP 155 Introduction to Excel 3
MAP 190 Career Opportunities 2
MAP 201 Coding 3 - EHRs and Computer Assisted Coding 4
MAP 228 Introduction to Chronic Illnesses 3
MAP 230 Navigating Health Care with Patient Engagement 4
MAP 242 Introduction to Patient Navigation 4
MAP 248 Introduction to Health Care Processes 3
MAP 275 Current HIM Issues and Practice 5
MAP 280 Legal Aspects of Health Care Reimbursement 4
MAP 268 Health Management Information Systems 2
  Total 63

Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Revenue Management Specialist Program:

  • Perform business functions in a medical office
  • Model ethical behavior
  • Communicate effectively with patients, co-workers and industry professionals
  • Promote a positive workplace environment
  • Evaluate medical documentation to identify and assign procedure and diagnostic codes
  • Analyze clinic coding performance by extracting or auditing revenue performance
  • Disseminate information on coding standards and requirements to optimize reimbursement


External accreditation is not applicable to this program.


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