Goal 3: Community

Prepare skilled workers and leaders for the businesses and industries that power our regional and global economy

  • Invest in new program offerings based on labor market demand and student needs.
  • Ensure current programming remains relevant and up-to-date with industry trends.
  • Provide corporate and continuing education courses and programs that increase our responsiveness to the needs of business and industry.
  • Formalize and communicate program advisory committee expectations.
  • Explore partnerships for capital and program development.

Provide comprehensive student support services

  • Host ongoing public service and civic engagement activities.
  • Engage the community through effective communication of college offerings, events, results, and successes.
  • Develop and implement continuing education programming.
  • Improve relationships and engagement with alumni.

Customize outreach and communication strategies for engaging the diverse constituencies we serve

  • Promote RTC as a college and employer of choice.
  • Strengthen partnerships with area school districts, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, labor organizations, and city and county agencies.
  • Use data to improve outreach efforts in our communities.

Improve coordination of legislative advocacy at the federal, state, and local level

  • Develop and implement an annual legislative relations plan.
  • Leverage community partnerships and student stories that support RTC’s impact on learning and student success.
  • Communicate the impact of RTC and Washington’s community and technical colleges on the state’s economy to stakeholders and policymakers.