Goal 4: Strength

Improve the integration of a planning, evaluation, and resource allocation system aligned to accreditation standards

  • Improve transparency of resource allocation and decision making processes.
  • Actively use data to inform decision making.
  • Provide ongoing faculty and staff training about strategic plan implementation and alignment with unit planning, the facilities master plan, program review, and resource requests.

Increase financial security by maximizing professional-technical programming and through the diversification of funding

  • Increase the number of tuition generating students.
  • Grow the RTC Foundation’s endowment and capacity to award student scholarships, support programs, and fund capital projects.
  • Secure grant and contract funding to further develop the infrastructure and program and support services offerings at RTC.
  • Expand corporate training for area businesses.

Implement intentional systems improvement

  • Champion a culture of transparency and accountability.
  • Expand participation in shared governance and inclusive decision making.
  • Align institutional policies to accreditation standards.

Invest in the College’s infrastructure

  • Create a technological environment that promotes ease of use, including an intranet and student portal.
  • Ensure classroom equipment and technology is relevant and up-to-date.
  • Automate manual processes and increase workflow efficiency.
  • Align priorities of the facilities master plan.