Nursing graduate grateful for support

  • Published Friday, September 18, 2020

Tiffiny in black blouse, jean jacket, and red earrings, looking off in the distance; RTC campus in the background

Tiffiny Thrash believes being a nurse requires compassion, dedication, and strength. A 2020 graduate of the Registered Nurse Program at Renton Technical College, Tiffiny demonstrated all those and more to reach her goals.

“Tiffiny is a rock star,” said Dr. Yasmin Ali, dean of nursing.

During her two-year program, Tiffiny worked as a medical assistant at a Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, raised a teenage daughter, lost her father, and had a baby. She graduated in June 2020 and passed her national exam in the summer. She already had a job waiting for her at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way, where she completed her clinical work.

“I kept going because I had my daughter watching me,” she said. “She saw how I kept going, and she’s proud of me.”

Along with her determination, support from the RTC Foundation and a scholarship from Swedish Medical Center helped her concentrate on school. In addition to her Swedish Scholarship, the Foundation helped Tiffiny with gift cards for groceries and gas. Her instructors supported and encouraged her along the way.

“Swedish helped me graduate, keep my grades up, and care for my children,” she said. Swedish chose to feature her in a spot that aired on KING 5.

Two-column photo, on the left shows the photographer, interviewer, and student outside during interview; on the right column, shows a close up of Tiffiny, outside, on campus.

To date, Swedish has gifted $45,000 in scholarship and book and equipment grants to RTC nursing students of color to diversify the profession. 

“Being part of Tiffiny’s success is what being a community partner is all about,” said Sherry Williams, regional director for Community Health Investment at Swedish. “Why not provide scholarships to allow great people to become greater? We need more healthcare workers to care for us.”

Thrash says she has felt support since she walked in the doors at RTC.

“I love RTC,” she said. “It changed my life for the better.”