Official & Unofficial Transcripts

Both the official and the unofficial transcripts contain the same information about a student's academic record at Renton Technical College: a chronological list of classes, grades, and credits.

Official Transcript (Online only)

An official transcript includes the Registrar's signature, the Renton Technical College seal, and the date issued. An official transcript is delivered in a sealed envelope that should not be opened by anyone except the addressee. RTC has authorized The National Student Clearinghouse to process and accept payment for transcript requests. Each official transcript order will be assessed a service fee of $2.25. Multiple transcripts may be sent to the same addressee for no additional charge up to a maximum of 10 copies. It typically takes 2-3 business days to process an order, but may take up to a week. This does not account for an additional 2-3 days to reach the addressee by mail.

Request an Official Transcript

Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript consists of the student's academic record without signature, seal, date, or sealed envelope. There is no fee to obtain your unofficial transcript. Viewing an unofficial transcript is the best way for students to get their grades once they have been posted after the quarter's end. To access your Unofficial Transcript, click on the link below and then click ‘Transcript’ on the bottom left of the proceeding page. You will need your Student ID and your Student PIN to obtain your unofficial transcript.

Request an Unofficial Transcript