Transfer Options

Get your education started here! Whether you want a two-year associate degree or just one year of transfer courses, Renton Technical College provides affordable, flexible options to start you on the pathway to a bachelor degree.

DTA/MRP Associate of Arts Degrees

Renton Technical College offers three AA DTA/MRP Associate of Arts degree programs that lead to direct transfer to four different four-year universities. Begin your career in nursing, business, and construction at Renton Technical College TC and in just six quarters, you'll be prepared to finish your bachelor degree at one of Washington's outstanding universities.

Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degrees

Renton Technical College offers several Associate of Applied Science Transfer (AAS-T) degrees as well and has agreements with a number of educational institutions to accept certain course credits earned at RTC. These include the following:

Washington 45

If our DTA/MRP and Associate of Applied Science Transfer degrees don’t fit your plans, you can complete three quarters of general education courses, known as the Washington 45, to transfer to a four-year university.

  • Washington 45 Courses

MEDEX Program Prerequisites

RTC also offers all 8 prerequisite courses for the University of Washington MEDEX Physician Assistant (PA) program .

  • MEDEX Physician Assistant Prerequisites

Additional Transfer Information