Winter 2014

In February 2015, two mini grants were awarded. Awardees and projects are as follows:

Title: Boxlight Project for Refrigeration Technology
Applicant: John Campbell, MART faculty member
Amount Awarded: $2,032
Component Addressed: Component 2 – Student Retention and Persistence
Summary of Project: The Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology (MART) industry has moved to a more interactive digital format to train technicians currently in the field, and apprentices who are studying and working to pass testing to move up to journeyman status. In order to prepare students in our MART program to be successful in these trades we need to adopt the methods for delivering training that are currently used in the field. RTC’s MART program has been able to maintain high student retention – five year average of 77.5%. Incorporating boxlight technology in the classroom will improve student outcomes by complementing the program’s simulator and live factory training.

Title: Symplicity NACElink Career Service Manager (CSM)
Applicant: Anthony Covington, Learning Resource & Career Manager
Amount Awarded: $2,150
Component Addressed: Component 2 – Student Retention and Persistence
Summary of Project: Access to an effective management system will give RTC’s Learning Resource & Career Center (LRCC) the tools needed to further build a career center that can communicate, create, plan and execute. The Symplicity NACElink system will allow career center staff to assist students in finding jobs, resume and cover letter writing, creating a professional LinkedIn profile, and preparing for the workforce. Identifying potential job opportunities and making connections with companies will increase student motivation and drive throughout their academic studies.

Our next round of mini grants will be in summer. Please stay tuned for details on the upcoming competition. For questions and inquiries, contact Michelle Campbell, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, at