Youth High School Completion (16-19)

Youth High School Completion (16-19)

Youth High School Completion is an opportunity for youth and young adults aged 16-19 to complete a Washington State High School Diploma and/or GED with Renton Technical College.

Youth High School Completion students taking high school level classes to earn their diploma or GED. Students may also have the optional opportunity to take college classes to count for dual-credit similar to Running Start depending on eligibility. Students do not pay tuition for the high school or college classes, though some college programs might have fees.

Students working on their diploma are still required to meet their state standards such as the Smarter Balanced assessments and HS Beyond Plan for graduation.

Students working on their GED need to pass four exams:  MATH, LANGUAGE ARTS, SOCIAL STUDIES, and SCIENCE. Students who complete their GED have the option to exit or continue their enrollment until they, also, complete their diploma.

Eligibility: Students must be aged 16-19, behind in credits and not expected to graduate on time. Students 18 and younger will need permission from their resident district to attend. Eligibility will be evaluated in more detail upon meeting.



  1. Students: Fill out this RTC Youth HS Enrollment Application. This does NOT commit you to RTC but gives us the necessary information to move forward.
  2. Parents of students under 18: Complete this Understanding FERPA Form.
  3. Send your transcript to
  4. Expect to be contacted by our program for the next steps.


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Youth High School Completion
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