Get Started at Renton Technical College

Students enroll in classes and courses at Renton Technical College for a variety of reasons and for some, it is the beginning of a new career path. We have over 50 professional-technical programs split into 7 areas of study that specialize in training, retraining, and skills upgrading. Members of business and industry advise each program, keeping our curriculum current and relevant, by providing our students with the specific skills employers are seeking.

  1. Connect with an Entry Adviser

  2. Apply for Admission & Plan How to Pay for College

  3. Assess and Review Your Skills

    • Before you register for a class/program, connect with an entry adviser to review what skills or assessments are needed for placement. If applicable, review previous academic transcripts & complete Testing Services Directed Self-Placement (DSP) and Accuplacer tools.
  4. Register for Classes, Pay Tuition, & Buy Books