Running Start

Running Start is a statewide program that provides an opportunity for academically qualified juniors and seniors in high school to enroll in courses at Renton Technical College as part of their high school coursework.

Running Start is available fall, winter and spring quarters. Students may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes, or solely in college classes. College tuition for eligible classes is covered through Running Start. The maximum credit eligible is based on students combined high school and college enrollment. See the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form for credit eligibility. Students are responsible for transportation, books, supplies and applicable fees.

Classes taken at the college as part of the Running Start Program are limited to "college level courses" (numbered 100 or above). Renton Technical offers a full range of vocational/technical programs and a variety of academic courses for college and university credit. Students receive both high school and college credit (dual-credit) when classes are completed.