Canvas: How to Log in

Visit to log in to Canvas.

GIF of logging in to Canvas by entering your username and password

Access Canvas Now

  1. Click here to access Canvas, or visit
  2. This takes you to a login screen. You can log in to Canvas with your 9-digit Student ID number and the first 8 letters of your last name.
  3. Then click "Log in."
  4. Always use Chrome when using Canvas. (Download Chrome for free)


  • Your username for Canvas is your RTC student ID number.
  • This is an 9-digit number you can find on your student ID card, schedule, or registration.


  • Your password is the first 8 letters of your last name.
  • If your last name is shorter than 8 letters, it will repeat from the beginning of the last name until it reaches 8 letters. For example, smith would become smithsmi.
  • If your last name has a hyphen, remove it. For example, koshi-lum becomes koshilum.


Smith = smithsmi

Le = lelelele

Koshi-Lum = koshilum

Make sure to:

  • Type your ID number with no dashes. 840-123-446 becomes: 840123456
  • Type your last name all lower case. Jones becomes: jonesjon

Here's a short video on how to log in to Canvas

For more on Canvas, see 


Trouble logging in? 

Email with your name and student ID number:

  • If you have attended another college in Washington and it takes you to that college's canvas page instead of RTC
  • Forgotten password
  • Other issues