Land Surveying Technician/Geospatial Science

Any kind of land development or construction begins with a careful measuring and study of the land. This work is done by land surveyors, one of the most ancient trades in human history. This one-year program follows the Field Surveying Technician certificate program to prepare graduates for their Professional Land Surveyor licenses. Students will learn to use computer software for survey reduction, coordinating geometry, and drafting. They will also practice land and field survey practices using instrument such as data collectors and GPS.

Enrollment Point: Fall or instructor permission

Certificate of Completion: 
3 Quarters
64 Credits
Associate of Applied Science: 
6 Quarters
150 Credits
AAS - Transfer: 
Bachelor of Applied Science: 

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Monday - Friday

8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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Martin Paquette

Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • Must take the Accuplacer test before entering the program or being placed on the pre-registration list.
  • Completion of the Field Survey Technician certificate program.

Admission Recommendations

  • Counselor and instructor interview.

Course Information


Award Title Crs
Certificate Field Surveying Technician 71

Core Curriculum

Course # Course Title Crs
AMATH 204 Basic Mathematics for Land Surveying 5
AMATH 205 Intermediate Algebra with Analytical Geometry 5
AMATH 206 Special Topics in Mathematics 5
SUR 205 Survey Adjustments 2
SUR 214 Land Survey Spring Practicum OR 5
SUR 290 Land Survey Spring Cooperative Education  
SUR 235 Boundary Law 4
SUR 242 Legal Descriptions 4
SUR 245  Public Land System II 5
SUR 247 Emerging Technologies 3
SUR 248 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 2
SUR 249 Survey Research and Project Planning 3
SUR 250 CAD for Surveying II 2
SUR 251 Advanced Computer Applications 5
SUR 255 Global Navigation Satellite Systems 3
SUR 256 Land Development 3
SUR 257 Geodetic Surveying 4
SUR 270 Technical Writing for Land Surveying I 1
SUR 271 Technical Writing for Land Surveying II 1
SUR 281 Business Fundamentals and Ethics 2
  Total Core Credits 64

General Education Courses

Course # Course Title Crs
CMST& 101 Intro to Communications 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
  Total General Education Credits 15
Total  Credits Required for AAS Degree   150

Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Land Surveying-Geospatial Science Program:

  • Participate fully in field crew activities
  • Be an effective team member
  • Communicate effectively in written form
  • Solve applied math problems
  • Prepare complete field records
  • Participate fully in data processing
  • Practice professional code of ethics


External accreditation is not applicable to this program.


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